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Model Of the Week - Jessica Mor


How's it hangin', peeps.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. Today we're going to the movies. Lights. Camera. Fuckin' action! Brick is a connoisseur of the visual arts. Other than filming and starring in some of the scenes for the site, he's also his own camera crew and editor. He's a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to filming pornography.

As a film maker he likes to watch movies so he can unwind, and even find inspiration for his next scene. Brick loves going to Edwards Cinema in Temecula, CA (a city north of San Diego). It's a far trip for him to go to that specific theater. But he goes because he's got the hots for Jessica Mor. She's a cutie who works at the ticket booth.

Jessica has blue eyes, blonde hair, and is a bit shy. Brick's seen her a few times during her shift. He was happy to see her again when he visited the theater. He saw her taking customers' tickets and noticed she was bored. Once it was his turn to give her his ticket he said, "You should smile more. It's good for you." Ah, yes. The good old "you should smile more" icebreaker. That totally wouldn't get a guy kicked in the nuts!

Luckily for Brick, Jessica laughed at how corny his compliment was. They chatted a bit. Jessica told Brick that she's attending UCSD to complete her business major. She only works at the movies to make extra cash. If Brick knows anything about working in porn, he knows that when a girl says she needs extra cash that's code for "I might do porn for the right price."

Because the ticket line was moving along, Brick knew this was his one shot to ask her to film a porn. He said that he could help her with extra cash and asked for her number. Jessica obliged. The only issue is Brick didn't want to say it was for a porn; especially in a crowd full of people at the movies. He figured he could tell her when he called her.

A few days later, Brick called Jessica and told her that the extra cash would be for porn. Naturally, Jessica was defensive. Jessica asked Brick if he could give her a few days to think about it and she'd call him back. Hell, that's better than a flat out no. A few days after that, Jessica called him and said, "Alright. I'll let you fuck me!" It's fair to say the boss's pants exploded when she said that.

Brick discovered that Jessica is a closeted freak. During the shoot Jessica squirted on Brick's cock twice! She also begged him to fuck her in the ass. That surprised Brick the most because he wasn't expecting to give her anal. She joked with Brick that her ass was sore from the day before from mountain biking. But she was super wet and needed to get pounded in her shit pipe!

Jessica also surprised Brick with her piercings. She had two piercings on both her nipples, and one on her pussy. Jessica looks like a church girl who doesn't miss a day of bible study. But underneath this sweet, innocent looking angel there's a devil begging to be drilled out by a rock hard cock. Brick's dick got thicker when he saw the veins on Jessica's neck throbbing. Her veins looked like they were about to burst!

After Brick was finished corrupting Jessica's pierced pussy and tight asshole, she told him why she was defensive to film porn in the first place. "I have a boyfriend," she confessed. "I was worried he'd be upset. But when I told him I had a chance to shoot a porn he got excited at the idea of another man fucking me. Maybe next time I can come over and you can film me getting fucked in front of my boyfriend."

Well, fuck me, Jessica! If the business degree doesn't work out, perhaps she has a career in the adult film industry. Besides, Jessica technically has a film credit with us. Haha!

By-bye, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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