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Model Of the Week - Lexus White


Sup, bitches!

We're back with a new Model Of the Week.

This week we got our girl Lexus White.

Lexus is 5-foot, blonde, and wears glasses that make her look adorable. She looks like a study buddy who's down for more fucking than studying.

Lexus is actually a special kind of girl. Normally, we cold-call a lot of models through want ads. Females rarely contact us to be in porn. That's just the nature of the business. Lexus found our site days after moving to San Diego from Florida. She was a straight shooter: she wanted to be in porn right away.

This was new territory for Brick. He never had a girl ask him to show her around town, hook her up with hot studs, and film her getting fucked senselessly. So, in a way, Brick was Lexus' fuck-chaperone.

Lexus told Brick that her dream is to be a porn star. She says she's a self professed "kinky little fuck toy!" She also wants to be in porn because she loves giving oral. "I have an oral fixation for sure," says Lexus. "Plus, I have a daddy complex. And I wanna share that on film." Holy shit! Lexus is a hottie who wants to put her taboos to good use.

Another fun fact about Lexus is that she was briefly in the marines. But she left as soon as she got the chance. Turns out the marines wasn't meant for her. But Lexus doesn't mind. "I had to find my true calling in life," she says, "and that true calling is porn." Right on, Lexus! Follow that dream, girl.

When Lexus isn't fucking on camera, she loves spending time outdoors. She loves kayaking, hiking, and camping. She loves spending time with her cute beagle puppy, too. She's also a competitive gamer. "I love beating mother fuckers on Halo and Call Of Duty," she laughs, "I'll make a bitch cry!"

Brick made sure Lexus got the full porn treatment, and she didn't disappoint. Whether she's throat fucking the gondola rider, banging mechanics with her girlfriend at a motorcycle shop, or getting penetrated by three marines, Lexus is a fuck freak!

Brick threw Lexus' pussy through the ringer; and her hot clit kept coming back for more.

If we had more girls like Lexus we'd never go out of business. Hit us up, ladies. Be like Lexus: dream big! Cause we'll give ya big.

Later, gators.

Ricky Rixxx

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