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Model Of the Week - Luz

Hola, fuckers!

We're back with another Model Of the Week.

This week we're featuring the lovely Luz.

Luz is a special kind of girl. We have a lot girls who are interested in working for us. But not every girl we get is comfortable banging another model they don't know. Sometimes girls will bring their boyfriends or girlfriends with them, and they want to film with their significant other.

That's how we met Luz. Her husband Ivan brought her in because she was curious about getting fucked on camera. But she'd rather get fucked by someone she already knows. That's alright with us. Typically, we tend to have better scenes with couples who already know each other intimately, because they don't need to be directed as much. The more natural the scene looks, the better.

Luz lives here in San Diego. She doesn't speak English so we depended on Ivan to translate stuff. No worries. We're use to shooting girls who don't always speak English. We actually enjoy listening to a girl talk dirty in a different language. We're all about fucking international bitches!

Luz and Ivan are both registered nurses who cross into Tijuana and work at a hospital. Luz is not only a girl who loves to give sexually, but she's also someone who loves to take care of people. We love girls who give back to their community. So, naturally, we love giving something back to Luz that show our appreciation...in a perverted way!

When we shot with Luz she was very reserved and shy. We figured it was probably because of the language barrier. But sex is sex. And fucking is a universal language. Like all girls who shoot with us, once Luz got comfortable her freak flag began to fly! She told us (in Spanish) that she loves to be chocked during sex. She loves to be smacked on her ass until her cheeks burn red. She's been into rough sex since she lost her virginity at 15!

She wants to experiment more with BDSM, and loves to role play with Ivan in their nurses' scrubs. Luz loves foreplay. She love to be caressed until her pussy lips foam. Her favorite thing during foreplay is having her clit fingered and titty squeezed while sucking on a hard cock. Luz doesn't swallow cum. But she loves the feeling of getting cum in her hair and licking it off, then spitting it back onto Ivan's dick.

Ivan and Luz have shot several scenes with us: in a pool, on a massage table, and even Luz masturbating in bed while Ivan's asleep because he's too fucked out.

We hope to have Luz come back for more. Luz is definitely one of those girls who's super timid in public. But when you get her in a frisky mood she becomes a completely different person. The kind of person who wants to be pounded hard until she sinks into the bed!

No matter what language a girl speaks, that's always the type of girl we wanna feature. We hope to see Luz again. Maybe she can help us brush up on our Spanish. :-)

Peace out, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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