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Model Of the Week - Parker


Hey there, hi there, ho there!

It's my favorite day of the week. It's Model Of the Week day, baby! This week Brick and his buddy Mike are grabbing some coffee, extra creamy. Speaking of extra creamy, the guys run into Parker. She's a smoking hot babe who's temporarily training at Miramar Air Station. It's a base close to the coffee shop where Brick and Mike met her. Parker was in full military uniform, too. Parker was sitting under the shade and having a sip of her cappuccino. Brick just helped himself to a seat next to Parker. She didn't mind.

Brick joked to Parker that there's no particular reason him and Mike sat next to her. He said that they were just bored. Even Parker could tell that was bullshit. If a girl sees two dudes and one of them has a camera on them, she knows there's plenty of reasons why they wanna sit next to her. But Parker kept her cool. That's the one thing about Parker: she doesn't look nervous, or acts like she's being bothered. She has that "I got everything under control" look on her face. Hell, if she works for the military she has to adjust to keeping her cool. She's even up front with Brick. "I saw you guys staring at me with your camera," she laughs.

Parker told Brick and Mike that right now she's a specialist in the army stationed out of Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu, South Korea. She's in San Diego for a little bit of training until she has to ship back to South Korea. Parker said she's met plenty of nice people in South Korea and that she enjoys the experience. She actually said how bored she is being in San Diego because it's strictly work. Normally, service members love San Diego because of how beautiful the city is. Looks like Parker is one of the few who would rather be anywhere else. And "anywhere else" is where Brick and Mike are planning to take her.

A couple of hundred dollars from Brick meant that Parker was down to chill with him. "I do want to model someday," says Parker. Brick confessed that his work isn't necessarily the kind of modeling Parker would want to do. But Parker was down to do the type of modeling that Brick had in mind for her. Parker laughed and said, "Fuck it. Nobody knows who I am here." That's all Brick needed to hear to take Parker back to his studio for that porno magic! Once Parker and Brick got the formalities out of the way it was Mike's time to pound her sexy coochie.

At first Parker was a bit nervous. Understandably, she was stiff. But when she got a hold of Mike's stiff dick her nerves cooled down. Parker was quick to take off her army uniform. Mike even helped Parker take off her pink bra, much to her chagrin. She wanted to take her time a little more, and I guess Mike's eagerness was too much for Parker. But could you blame Mike? I'd sure as fuck would want to undress Parker and grab on her tight titties. Thankfully, Parker disrobed even more when Brick offered her more money. More money equals more titties.

Parker got friskier once she took off her belt. Her and Mike playfully tied her belt around her neck. Parker's getting BDSM friendly. Brick will have to pay her extra for that. Parker started to get real hot and heavy with Mike. After he gave Parker a nice dicking, she wiped his cum off her mouth and put her uniform back on. Brick asked her if she'd like to come back for a future shoot. Parker was down for it. In fact, her other shoot is a sexy Christmas-themed solo. Parker looks adorable in her red and white, candy-cane lingerie and stockings. But no matter the day of the week, Parker is a girl who's pussy I'd like to unwrap like everyday is Christmas.

Mucho gusto, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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