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Model Of the Week - Sky Cooke

Happy New Year, perverts!

I hope you guys are enjoying the Model Of the Week blog entries. My goal is to go more in-depth with the models that make our site possible.

Brick Yates doesn't just want you to jerk off to our hot ladies in uniform. We also want you to get to know the real women behind the scenes...THEN you can jerk off!

This week's Model Of the Week is Sky Cooke.

Sky's a super cute red head with fair skin and a soft, round ass you can smack a red handprint on. Sky's blue eyes are amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have those gorgeous, blue ocean eyes looking up at them while Sky's sucking a hard dick, or licking soft pussy lips.

Sky is a Marine Corp. so we know she's a woman who loves to serve her country. And, boy, does this fuckable nympho love to serve! She admits she got into the Marines because she always fanaticized about fucking another person in uniform; man or woman.

A freak like Sky is never afraid to overstep her boundaries if it means her pussy is moist. Sky told us her favorite thing about sex is to be double penetrated by two big dicks. She said that having her pussy and asshole being double penetrated at the same time makes her feel overwhelmed. But that feeling of vulnerability while being roughed by two hot studs is what makes her pussy soaking wet!

Sky told us that she stays in shape by pole dancing. I can imagine Sky pole dancing and slowly stripping off her Marine Corp. uniform. Thinking about Sky sliding her tight asshole against a stripper pole is fucking hot.

Whether it's getting dicked by one, two, or three hard cocks, Sky Cooke is a Marine who's ready to dive right in. I feel like I say this about every girl on our site, but I wish we had more girls like Sky: sexy, ambitious, and proud to take a nice, hard fucking for the world to see! She's not scared to let her freak flag fly.

Thank you for your service, Sky. Now get down on your knees, stick out that wet tongue, and suck that cock while you hypnotize me with those beautiful, blue eyes!

Later, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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