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Gym update this week

For all of you gym goers out there, and all of you gym voyeurs out there, we all are thinking the same thing. Damn! When a bad bitch walks in with a bright colored tank top and sexy yoga pants or booty shorts, our brain immediately sends a signal to our cock saying "wake up motherfucker, this is what we have been talking about!". So when I was in Salt Lake filming Siren, I decided to follow her to the hotel gym. It was really just so I could jack off to it later, but fuck it, why spruce it up a bit and put it on the website for everyone?! This update is hot, it follows Siren through some workouts, but gets cut a little short because someone walked into the gym while I was filming her ass on the elliptical machine. Then Siren goes back to the room to freshen up in the shower and decides to have a little anal action with herself.

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